2.12.2011, PRESS RELEASE

The Finnish Biotech company FIT Biotech Oy has developed an HIV vaccine which was able for the first time to significantly reduce the viral load of HIV-infected persons. The studies and results were obtained using a DNA vaccine based on FIT Biotech’s proprietary GTU® technology. The promising GTU® technology gets considerable international attention on the World AIDS Day in China.

The Tampere based biotechnology company FIT Biotech Oy is now one step closer to a major breakthrough. The vaccine that improves the function of the immune system is believed to be available for clinical use after five years. The possibilities offered by a new therapeutic HIV vaccine are presented by FIT Biotech in a keynote session at BIT's 2nd Annual World AIDS Day Congress in China.

"The results are very encouraging and the immunological impact of a therapeutic vaccine is believed to significantly augment the current HIV / AIDS treatment”, says Kalevi Reijonen, CEO and President of FIT Biotech Oy.

The development of a preventative HIV vaccine requires several more years of research. Eradicating the HIV infection with a preventative HIV vaccine is not achievable within this decade.

"FIT Biotech's goal is to develop more effective treatment alternatives for HIV-infected as well as AIDS diagnosed persons. These positive results obtained with FIT’s Therapeutic HIV Vaccine are fostering current collaborations as well as open the perspectives of new partnerships.

The development of a therapeutic HIV vaccine is faster, thus we believe that this works also in favor of the development of a preventative HIV vaccine”, confirms the CEO & President, Kalevi Reijonen.

World AIDS Day, is observed December 1 every year. The theme day also observed in Finland since 1988 consists of candle events, training sessions, seminars, exhibitions and concerts. The goal of the day is to raise awareness of the growing problem of HIV/AIDS as well as to increase the knowledge of people about HIV infection and AIDS and to find new and more efficient ways to curb the epidemic.

BIT's 2nd Annual World AIDS Day, 1, 12/3/2011 in Beijing, China,

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