Innovative medical biotechnology company

FIT Biotech was founded in 1995 as a research and development company, concentrating on the development of vaccines and gene transport technology.

FIT Biotech is engaged especially in researching and developing an HIV vaccine. The project against the HI virus has been supported by several grants and by extensive international scientific collaboration in order to help fight the human immunodeficiency virus – and to make a difference with the help of biotechnological innovations.

FIT Biotech aims to make a difference.

Today FIT Biotech's headquarters is located in Tampere, Finland, where it also has a cGMP approved production facility.

FIT Biotech's long-term vision is to continue developing the selected vaccines and gene therapies based on the company’s innovative proprietary gene delivery technology (GTU®). FIT Biotech has become a globally renowned name in the fields of vaccines and DNA delivery technology.


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Other Finnish institutional Investors and Individuals

Board of Directors

Rabbe Slätis, Chairman
Erkki Pekkarinen, Member
Dirk Teuwen, Member
Juha Vapaavuori, Member
Tina Nyfors, Member