FIT Biotech as an investment

Why invest in FIT Biotech?

1.     The pharmaceutical business is in the middle of a revolution; biological drugs are replacing traditional chemical drugs, and new-generation drugs based on gene therapy will grow their market share. The challenge with gene therapy drugs has been the safe and efficient transport of the genes into the target cell. GTU® technology transports the genes into the cell efficiently, enabling new-generation medical treatments.

2.     FIT Biotech’s GTU® technology is complete, patented and with commercial proof: one licence agreement, two heads of agreement, and participation in a research consortium with large international pharmaceutical companies. The Food and Drug Administration in the US and the European Medicines Agency have found the operating principle of GTU® technology safe based on the research results presented by FIT Biotech.

3.     GTU® technology is usable in many drug applications. At the moment, seven drug candidates are under development, reducing FIT Biotech’s dependence on the success of single drug applications.

4.     Licensing activity in the gene therapy market is growing rapidly, with large pharma companies actively looking for partners to develop new-generation treatments. The licensing agreements of comparison companies have amounted to 100–1,800 million US dollars in 2014–2015, and the market capitalisation of the companies several hundred million US dollars.

What are the risks involved in investing in FIT Biotech?

Investment in the company carries significant risks pertaining to the current macroeconomic situation, the company’s business operations as well as the IPO and the company’s share.