FIT Biotech at a glance

FIT Biotech is a clinical-stage biotech company transforming the health care system by developing significantly innovative antibody gene delivery technologies and gene vaccines for cancer immunotherapy as well as the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases such as HIV.

FIT Biotech possesses over 20 years of cutting edge scientific research experience. Our competitive advantage stems from our internally developed and patented GTU® gene delivery technology. It enables development of a multitude of superior drug candidates for different applications. FIT Biotech drug development efforts mainly focus on discovery and development up to phase II clinical testing.

The gene based antibody therapies we are developing are already marketed as protein products. This alternative mode of therapy is expected to be substantially cheaper, safer to dose, more effective, and much better accepted by patients as the antibodies will be produced by the human body. Compliance should improve significantly.

The monoclonal gene based antibodies developed by us are currently available as injectable proteins.

We seek to replace these injected proteins by instead delivering the gene(s) to the patient so they can manufacture their own protein drug.

FIT Biotech plans to license its drug candidates to corporate partners capable for further clinical development, soliciting marketing authorization and commercializing the drugs.

We have multiple in-house drug development projects as well as collaborative projects with other international biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies as well as academic research institutions

FIT Biotech’s strengths are:

  • Our management and the research personnel have long experience and expertise in drug development and the international pharmaceutical business.
  • We possess a unique, proprietary technology platform enabling patients to cost-effectively manufacture their own antibody therapy in their body. This is in contrast to administering an expensive antibody manufactured in an industrial facility. Our technology can also be applied to develop gene vaccines effective against chronic infections such as HIV.
  • We have an extensive collaborative network complementing our leading position as a recognized European biotech research and development company.
  • We target the biggest and fastest growing global drug sector, namely monoclonal antibodies.
  • Our investors are presented with a substantial risk reward opportunity.
  • By developing gene based treatments to replace monoclonal antibodies already licensed for marketing, our regulatory pathway should be greatly foreshortened and de-risked. Our therapeutic HIV-vaccine is about to enter a Phase II clinical trial sponsored by the European HIV Vaccine Alliance.
  • Our R&D prowess and the chosen business model should allow us to enter into multiple licensing agreements within the next few years