Information for investors

FIT Biotech is a biotechnology company focused on research and commercialisation, with the objective of transforming healthcare by developing safer, more effective, and more cost-efficient therapies.

Our patented technology can be used for applications such as immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer, as well as for the prevention and treatment of a variety of infectious diseases, including HIV. If successful, all of our research and development products will be medical breakthroughs.

Our gene transfer technologies offer a technological advantage in the form of scalability, providing a platform for developing numerous gene-based therapies at a faster rate. Furthermore, our technologies allow us to utilise patients’ own cells in the therapy. This way drug candidates can be developed faster and at lower production costs. This means both better and safer therapies for patients.

In November 2017 we were granted a patent giving us exclusive intellectual property rights in the USA for the marketing of GTU® technology-based DNA vaccines, including FIT-06, for the treatment of patients with HIV. This is significant from a financial perspective, as it allows us the exclusive right to commercialise our drug candidate at the best possible price. This patent is a prerequisite for the licensing of marketing rights to a major pharmaceutical company. Our next step will be commencing a phase 1/2 clinical trial with the European HIV Vaccine Alliance (EHVA). The objective of the clinical trial is to provide HIV patients a functional treatment that is better, safer and more cost effective than current options.

FIT Biotech provides investors with a unique opportunity to be involved in the commercialisation of drug candidates based on our own patents. Drug development is a long-term process and there are significant risks associated with investments. There are a number of milestones to be achieved along the way, although early-stage licensing agreements are becoming increasingly common.

I took up the position of CEO at FIT Biotech in January 2018 after almost 16 years as a member of the Board. I am exceptionally proud of our excellent and dedicated team, who boast a great deal of experience in the international pharmaceutical sector. With this team and our unique, patented technology, we strive to become a leading and distinguished European drug development company in the biotechnology sector.

Erkki Pekkarinen