Information for investors

Pioneer of therapies based on biological drugs
We are forerunners in the development of therapies based on biological drugs. We have resolutely focused our research and development efforts on products that will constitute biopharmaceutical breakthroughs if successful.

Thanks to our technologies we complete our projects within a shorter timeframe than that of traditional drug development work. This way we are able to efficiently develop products that can help patients and improve their quality of life. 

Scalable technology

Our gene transfer technologies offer a technological advantage in the form of scalability, providing a platform for developing numerous gene-based therapies at a faster rate. Furthermore, our technologies allow us to utilise patients’ own cells in the therapy. This way drug candidates can be developed faster and at lower production costs. This means both better and safer therapies for patients.

Experienced team
Our team has a collective total of almost 100 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, with almost 20 years of cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) level manufacturing, which is unique for a company such as ours. We are working under the supervision of the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea. Fimea certifications cover all of the devices, equipment, staff and operating practices. In our production facilities we can produce DNA-based vaccines used in preclinical research and clinical trials.

Strong network of collaborators
A strong network of collaborators strengthens our position. We have multiple drug development projects underway, as well as collaborative projects with international biotech companies and academic research institutions.

Growing market
The global market for biological drugs is expected to grow on average by 11 per cent per year, reaching EUR 480 billion by 2024 (Transparency Market Research 2016). According to predictions, in the coming years biological drugs will account for the majority of the profits in the biological therapy sector. Antibodies used in the cancer treatment represent significant growth potential.

FIT Biotech has positioned itself well in the biological drugs market. The significance of gene-based therapies is gaining wider recognition, as also demonstrated by the fact many of the largest biopharmaceutical sector agreements in recent years have been those signed in this field (source: Ernst & Young, Beyond Borders 2016). Most of the recently registered important pharmaceutical products are biological drugs.