Insider management

FIT Biotech follows the insider rules set forth in applicable legislation and the standards, directives and guidelines of the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, and in addition the insider guidelines of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki and FIT Biotech’s own insider policy.

FIT Biotech’s public insiders include the ordinary and deputy members of the Board of Directors, the CEO and his deputy, the auditor, the possible daputy auditor, and the employee of an auditors company who acts as the principal auditor for FIT Biotech.

The permanent company insiders (non-public) additionally include those specified FIT Biotech employees and persons working for FIT Biotech on the basis of some other kind of contract whose position or tasks convey regular access to insider information. Such persons include the Certified Advisor as specified in the Rulebook of the First North Finland market, members of management, and certain persons in the financial and communication functions.

FIT Biotech’s insider register is included in the Sire system of the Finnish Central Securities Depository at Euroclear Finland Oy and maintained by FIT Biotech’s insider management officer.

Insider register can be found here.