GTU® technology

Based on the GTU®-technology the Company has developed a novel gene transfer technology to make the human body produce therapeutic proteins for treatment and prevention of diseases. The gtGTU gene transfer technology differs from the GTU-technology by not inducing an immune response that would inhibit production or eliminate the desired protein. The GTU-technology used in gene vaccines is designed to induce an immune response against viruses and bacteria.

FIT Biotech focuses on the development of biological drug candidates by using its proprietary, patented vector technology (GTU). Drug candidates developed on the basis our GTU® technology are finding in a variety of vaccines and gene therapies. GTU is our main technology that we exploit and license.

Our development projects focus on the prevention and treatment of diseases especially for indications for which no treatment exists today or medical treatment has shortcomings in efficacy or safety. FIT Biotech develops medical treatments that incur less product development and manufacturing costs than traditional treatments while offering pharmacoeconomic benefits that will be important as healthcare costs continue to increase. Our special expertise lies in the usage of the GTU® technology developed in-house for indications where medical needs and healthcare costs are high.

Our primary focus is on verifying the preclinical efficacy to its developed drug candidates (proof-of-concept). After this, we aim at financing the clinical product development by entering collaboration or licence agreements with major pharmaceutical companies.