Mission, vision & strategy

FIT Biotech is currently in a clinical phase, developing and commercialising their patented technologies for different applications to make good use of their unique expertise. The aim of our company is to enter into significant commercial agreements. 

We focus on research and commercialisation by developing not only safer but also more cost-efficient and more effective therapies.

Innovative gene transfer technologies and DNA vaccines can be used for applications such as immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer, enzyme replacement therapy in certain orphan diseases and for the treatment of a variety of infectious diseases, such as HIV. If successful, all of our projects will be medical breakthroughs. 

In our sector, there is little competition. The market we are aiming for is already prepared to welcome biological drugs and gene based treatments we develop.

Our aim is to increase shareholder value. Our business model is based on licensing our drug candidates to partners who will take over their further development and commercialisation. Licensing agreements allow us to generate revenue over a longer term, and our objective is to create growth in a profitable way.

FIT Biotech seeks to gain revenue mainly from:

  • Out-licensing of FIT Biotech’s proprietary products
  • Out-licensing of FIT Biotech’s proprietary technology to partners for further improving their active biological products.
  • Technological co-operation agreements